Ordering From OKA Sushi & Thai, Ramen

817 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, FL


Served with steamed vegetables, white rice, and choice of soup or salad.

OKA Specialty Rolls

Lake Ave Roll

Tuna, scallions, cucumber, avocado, inside out sesame, topped with white fish tempura, wasabi mayo, and eel sauce.


Ninja Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, inside out sesame, blue crab, mayo, masago, eel sauce with sriracha drops.


Spicy Crab Roll

Blue crab, spicy mayo, masago, avocado, cucumber, inside out sesame topped with tempura flakes and sriracha drops.


Blue Ocean Roll

Blue crab, mayo, avocado, masago, inside out, topped with torched salmon, thin slices of jalapeños, ichimi, and spicy wasabi sauce.


Bahamas Roll

Salmon, conch, scallions, spicy mayo, inside out sesame.


Triple Threat Roll

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, masago, avocado, asparagus, and scallions.


Florida Roll

White fish of the day, scallions, cucumber, inside out topped with white fish, sliced jalapeños, and wasabi sauce.


Miami Heat Roll

Spicy tuna, jalapeños, scallions, crunchy tempura flakes, topped with tuna and spicy sauce.


Yum Yum Roll

Yellowtail, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro, lime, kimchi, inside out topped with yellowtail, and spicy sauce.


Black Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, inside out sesame, topped with BBQ eel, and eel sauce.


Black Dragon Roll

Sumo Roll

Tempura roll with BBQ eel, kani, tamago, cream cheese, avocado, masago, and eel sauce drizzle.


Lobster Roll

Lobster tail tempura, asparagus, avocado, inside out masago, sesame, and topped with triple swirl sauce.


Surf and Turf Roll

Soft shell crab, cream cheese, asparagus, scallions, avocado, and i/o sesame seeds topped with seared steak, jalapeños, and special sauce.


OKA Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with soy paper, topped with creamy baked conch and caviar.